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Hang 'Em High Hoist - Max Load 250 lbs.

Carolina North Manufacturing


Hang 'Em High Hoist is ideal for hoisting heavy and hard to lift items over head and then securing the items without tying knots.

Great for:

  • hoisting / hanging game for field dressing
  • hanging feeders in the field
  • handles all your hosting jobs for work, hobby and play
  • product weight 1.78 lbs

Easy to use:

1. Hang the hoist by S-hook located at top of hoist.
2. Let system hang freely with ratchet at bottom and pulley in the middle.
3. Attach object to be hoisted onto the hook on the Rope Ratchet.
4. Pull the free end of 3/8 rope to raise the item.
5. Hoist automatically locks into position as you pull the rope so there is no need to tie-off the end.

Maximum load limit 250 lbs. Not for hoisting human weight. 2:1 Pulling Ratio. Made with 20' - Solid Braided Polypropylene Rope and 8' release rope.


Type: Hoist