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How to Assemble and Use Your Rope Ratchet

If you have never used one of our Rope Ratchets, figuring out how to use one may seem a little overwhelming at first. However, the great news is, it is very simple to figure out how to assemble a Rope Ratchet and even easier to repeat once you have.

Tips and Maintenance For Your Rope Ratchet

Releasing Tension: If you have the Rope Ratchet under heavy tension, it can be difficult to release the thumb level. To take tension off the wheel and lever, pull the free end of the rope, then push the thumb release. Pulling the free end of the rope takes tension off of the wheel, which in turn makes the thumb lever easier to release. 

Cutting Rope: When cutting rope it is best to use a hot blade that will cut and melt the ends of the rope. Most people do not have a "hot knife" so use the sharpest blade you have to cut the rope to your desired length. Then use a match (or we recommend a candle) to melt the rope ends. It's also good to use your fingers to "pinch" the rope ends right after melting them. This will keep the rope ends from fraying. Our rope is made from polypro and polyester, so the ends will melt. **Make sure you wear heat resistant gloves when pinching the rope ends. The rope is HOT!**

Rope: As tough as our solid braided rope is, it is important to thoroughly inspect your Rope Ratchet Rope after each use, for pinches, frays or cuts. Do not use your Rope Ratchet if your rope has been damaged during use because injury or damage can occur. Also, avoid hot and abrasive surfaces, sharp edges and pinch points to keep your rope in top condition.

Load Evaluation: When using a Rope Ratchet, it is extremely important to carefully evaluate your actual work load before prior to use. You MUST not exceed the load limits listed on the individual Rope Ratchet or our solid braided rope.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.