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1/4" Kayak Tie-Down

Carolina North Manufacturing


Secure your boat's bow and stern quickly and easily with Rope Ratchet's® Kayak Tie Down system! Made from heavy duty quality materials and sold at an affordable price, it lets you do away with those annoying tie-straps cords and time-consuming knots.

  • HEAVY DUTY: The Rope Ratchet Kayak Tie Downs are made with high-quality materials for securing items. The outer casing is built with #6-33% glass filled nylon while its interior mechanisms of die cast zinc. It comes with 12 feet of solid braided polypropylene rope and a 2 foot tie down webbing strap.
  • PATENTED DESIGN: The pull-through ratchet design pulls the rope tight and it won't slip. The rope will not stretch and there are no knots to tie! The easy-release thumb lever makes using this ratchet a breeze!
  • EASY TO USE: Simply hold down the thumb lever and insert the rope into the ratchet. Turn the ratchet and pull the rope out of the other end.
  • NO SCRATCHING: The soft tie down webbing strap ensures you can secure your load without the worry of scratching the paint or the chrome of your vehicle.
  • KAYAK AND FISHING ACCESSORIES: To prepare for your next fishing trip, secure your fishing kayak, fishing equipment, or canoe to your vehicle or trailer with our tie-down straps. Maximum load limit, 150 lbs.


Type: Tie Down